An adaptation of Satyajit Ray’s short story, Potolbabu Filmstar is about a one-time theatre actor, Potol Babu, in his fifties, struggling without a regular job and family responsibilities, who has nearly forgotten his love for acting. Quite by chance, he is given a chance to play a part in a movie. His enthusiasm about the possibilities that this might bring him is dampened when he realises at the movie set that his role is fleeting. His disappointment is overcome as he remembers what his Guru once told him: that every part in an act has that opportunity to enhance and the responsibility to fulfill the larger cause of the production.

Born in 1954, Ramaprasad Banik started his career in Bohurupee in 1962. A true disciple of Sambhu Mitra , he acted in the major productions of Bohurupee like 'Putul Khela', 'Dashachakra', 'Chhera Tar', 'Chhar Addhaye' and 'Raktakarabi' which are all the major plays in Bengali stage under the direction of Sambhu Mitra. Ramaprasad also acted under the guidance and direction of Tripti Mitra in four plays and established himself as a full time theatre worker. In the late seventees, he directed independently in Bahurupee and produced two plays 'Atotai' and 'Kalbihanga'. In 1980, he with his friends founded Chenamukh and directed few major plays like 'Rani Kahini', 'Aagsudhi', 'Pakhi', 'Saranagoto' and 'Ichhe Gari'. Ramaprasad Banik quit Chenamukh and established his own group Theatre Passion for which he works till today. In this banner, he produced several plays like 'Trata', 'Tempest', 'Antar Bahir', 'Bhablai Bhalo', 'Iti Mritojon', etc. Apart from his own group, he directed in other groups like Taki Natyam, Barasat Anushilani, Ajantik, Annya Theatre.

Ramaprasad directed 'Angshumati' in Purba Paschim in the year 2006. He was awarded national scholarship from 1979 to 1981 also recipient of the awards of All India Critic Circle, Paschim Banga Natya Akademi. Ramaprasad visited with his theatre in USA, Canada and UK. He has performed in more than one hundred feature films and a major actor of Television. He also directed Serial and Telefilms. He is also associated with Nehru Children Museum where he trains children. This association has produced several numbers of children plays under the direction of Ramaprasad. These productions have achieved a great appreciation.

Ramaprasad Banik passed away in december 2010 in a very premature death. This is a great loss of Purba Paschim.

Original Story: Satyajit Ray
Playwright: Ramaprasad Banik
Direction: Ramaprasad Banik