This play is homage to work and life of the pioneer of Bengali stage, Girish Chandra Ghosh (1844-1912). It is not a chronological biopic of a legend but a documentation of the inception and upsurge of national Bengali theatre which was led by by Girish Chandra. Renaissance in Bengali theatre is linked to the contribution of Girish as plays righter, actor, music composer, set designer, director and manager.

This play considers different junctures of Girish’s life and his life in theatre and portrays agony of a creative soul in the canvas of the major plays acted and written by Girish. In order to produce good theatre Girish had to move from one theatre hall to other like star, emerald, minerva and our play followed this turmoil of movement in the structure of the play. It is a dramatic narrative of journey of theatre centric and vibrant person who has created the base of modern Bengali theatre is native stage and he was named Garrick of Bengal.

The demand of the then time allows the play to introspect Girish’s relationship with legendary actress Binodini and great Sri Ramkrishnadev as well as Ardhendusekhar, Tarasundari, Tinkari , Amritalal. Etc.

The plot is a history of Girish era depicted in terms of glimpses of a great life who suffered a lot to bridge survival and creativity in theatre and this is major question of our time.

Girish Chadra Ghosh had infused new life into Bengali theatre. He was the greatest dramatist during what was considered the golden age of the Bengali stage and many of his plays are considered literary gems. Even today we are inspired by and enthusiastic about his works. Though primarily a dramatist, he was also a musician, an actor in his own right and was aptly called the father of the Bengali stage. Unfortunately till date in most of the stage productions his character has been limited to a side role.

A great many artistically brilliant and vibrant character were active during the same period as of the thespian in nineteenth century Bengal. A galaxy of such stars created their own halo not only in theatre but in literature, poetry, art and music as well. Our current presentation is an elegant rendering of that enlightened period. With our co artists particpating in the effort with passion and enthusiasm. I strongly believe that the stagecraft, lights, dress designs music and acting will scale new heights to bedazzle the Bengali stage of today.

With this confidence and conviction we meet the audience bringing forth signature performances from Debshankar Halder along with the artistic chemistry of Soumik Piyali, Murari Roy Chowdhury, Sudip Sanyal, Debkumar Pal, Malabika Mitra and others.

Girish Chandra had articulated “camouflaging artistic skill is one step towards artistic excellence.” Our production has been designed keeping this notable aphorism in mind.

Girish Chandra - Debshankar Halder
Ardendhu Sekhar - Soumitra Mitra
Amritalal - Malay Saha
Pratapchand & Bipin - Tarun Paul
Upen Das & Sureshchandra - Dipen Bhattacharjee
Atul - Arup Ratan Ganguly
Bhuban & Gurmukh - Dipankar Halder
Introducer & Lambert - Ratul Majumder
Patient 1 & Actor 1 - Bidhan Patra
Patient 2 & Actor 2 - Monojit Das
Actor 3 - Sanjay Chakraborty
Gridey & Dani - Souvik Bera
Ramkrishnadev - Pradip Hait
Binodini - Jhulan Bhattacharjee
Tarasundari - Amrapali Moitra
Tinkari - Rajeshwari Nandy
Surot - Swarnali Ghosh
Actress 1 - Sohini Chakraborty
Actress 2 - Aditi Banerjee
Violine Player - Prabir Sengupta
Rhythm Player - Tanmay Sasmol
Script - Ujjwal Chattopadhaya
Edit & Direction - Soumitra Mitra
Music Compose - Murari Roychowdhury
Light Compose - Sudip Sanyal
Set Design - Saumik & Piyali
Costume Design - Malabika Mitra
Make-Up - Md. Ali
Body Movement - Debkumar Pal
Sound - Adhir Ganguly
Sound Associate - Anirban Chaterjee