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We left on Sunday morning in midst of high wind and rain storm . We have to reach there on time . We coordinated our relief effort with local Ramakrishna Mission leader Swami Parishudhdhananda. Our team consists of Debshankar Haldar, Malabika Mitra, Banhisikha Goswami, Sandip Ghosh, Tatum Pal, Arpita Pal, Sushanta Das (Bachch )and I, Soumitra Mitra.

We brought rice, beans, potatoes, soybean, oil, water, milk, biscuit, puffed rice, Borolean, soap, clothings, candy for kids etc. With the help of Swamis of Ramakrishna Mission, we were able to serve 300 families. We also arranged cooked khichuri to serve Local 1000 people. After here we loaded our material on a local boat and heading towards Shunkani Island of Sundarban. This village is completely flooded. We are trying our best to help with our little means and supersize dreams . I hope people can contribute more so we can continue helping needy in this troubled times. Will continue .....

Purbapashchim initiatives for the people in need apart regular theater, as a part of Purbapashchim's continuous efforts for the people in need during the critical time of Covid-19 disease and recently added devastating 'Amphun' super cyclone. Purba Paschim came forward with their friends well-wishers & different noted companies to go ahead for relief work. Nevertheless, this devastating cyclone along with dangerous Covid -19 people are at a loss. Purba Paschim identified three areas to arrange relief work with personal presence. Foodgrains, Salt, Oil, Soyabin, Biscuits, Powder Milk, Chira, Muri, etc. will be distributed to the affected families more than 1000 people. The Boroline Group has donated their product Sudol & Boroline, Keventer with Frooti, Mukhorochak with dry foods, Citi Mart with garments. Our special thanks to Goutam Gary Datta and all donors. We like to see a happy, careful, and smilingly world.
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